My story

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When I was nine, my Grandma passed away. She was the rock of our family and a strong woman who touched the lives of everyone she came into contact with. My sister and I both spent a lot of time with my Grandma and this was the saddest day of my life. I will have to admit, I was much closer to my Grandma than I ever was to my parents. Mom and Dad went their separate ways and not long after my parents divorce, Dad moved to Canada and we only saw him once a year or so. Mom was busy raising two girls who didn’t see the world the same way as she did. Being the younger sister was not fun. I grew up in the shadow of my sister Lucy. Mom named Lucy after my Grandma but my sister Lucy hated the old-fashioned name and was always called Luce. At one time she would tell strangers that her name was Lucia and our father was an Italian Opera singer called Roberto.

Actually, Lucy was bright and beautiful while I was shy and plain.  I grew up always feeling that I wasn’t good enough and everything I did was second rate. It took me years to get over that thought and it wasn’t until I went to college and enrolled to do a Psychology Degree that my perspective changed. As a practicing psychologist, I quickly realized that I needed to get my own head in the right space and after many years and hundreds of patients later, I feel able to let go and forgive.

The one truth I discovered is that life is like a garden, you reap what you sow but it may not seem like it along the way. Sometimes it might take longer to get there: plants die and gardens get attacked by pests. But I realized that if you keep a positive attitude it all works out well in the end! So, this is my space to blog about gardening, life and living. Welcome to Little Lucy and enjoy…..