How To Make Your Pool Sparkle In Spring

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Springtime is the time when most people look forward to getting out in the garden. The flowers start blooming and the earth feels renewed. If you have a pool in your backyard, even better, as it’s a great time to enjoy a dip. Here are some tips to make your pool sparkle for spring.

1-Redesign your  landscaping

If you live in a place where a tropical pool landscape can be maintained, this is a good option to make your yard and pool sparkle for spring. The landscape around a tropical themed pool is usually filled with rocks, lush greenery and flowering plants. For something extra special, you could build a waterfall or install a slide (which will enthrall the kids!)

Other landscaping ideas are to build a bridge or a walkway and a grotto that can also be used as an outdoor bar is another impressive option.

2-Check your equipment

Make sure the pool pump is working and the pool is clean. At the start of the season, it makes sense to hire a professional to clean up your pool of debris and to check that all the equipment, including the pump, filter and cleaner are working well. If you don’t want to go to this expense then at least make sure the leaves that have fallen to the bottom of the pool are cleaned out with a pool net.

Check that your pool vacuum suction is working. If you have a saltwater pool, make sure the salt and chlorine levels are right. Take a tip, if you don’t intend on spending some time cleaning your pool then invest in the best pool robot you can afford.

3-Freshen up your furniture

Fresh looking garden furniture can make your garden an enticing place to be but old furniture can make your garden look untidy and drab. Unfortunately, as garden furniture is outdoors, it tends to wear quickly. Make sure you oil or repaint wooden furniture. It’s amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do to lift the look of your garden nooks. If some of your furniture has seen better days then maybe it’s time to invest in some new furniture. After all, if you’re likely to spend time in your garden or around the pool this is a good investment.

4- Oil your decks and clean your tiles

If you have wooden decks, now’s the time to oil them to bring them up to shiny and new. Oiling a deck can be a little tiresome but the time spent doing it is well worthwhile. If you have outdoor tiles, keeping them clean is even easier. Just head to your local hardware store and pick up a strong outdoor tile cleaner.

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