3 Plants For Tropical Pool Landscaping

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The landscaping around your swimming pool can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your outdoor pool. The types of plants you choose can make your pool look like an inviting oasis. As you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your pool, it makes sense to plan out the landscape around it too.

Things to keep in mind are if you have a heated pool, this can raise the humidity levels, and depending on where you are the sun can burn the plants. Also, plants around the pool are likely to be splashed with salt water or chlorine. So, choose plants that will thrive under these conditions and are easy to maintain.

Here are some suggestions:


Spruce up your pool with clumps of ornamental grasses. The benefits of choosing grasses are that they are really easy to maintain and they usually blend in with the other plants. Zebra grass or porcupine grass works well, and their horizontal stripes will draw the eye in a tropical setting.

2-Bird of Paradise

Tropical oasis pools look great and are a stunning feature in the garden. A lovely plant to give your pool the tropical look is the giant bird of paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai). Of course, it depends on how much space you have around your pool. They look like banana plants, and the leaves can grow up to 10-foot.

Another plus for this type of plant is they can tolerate splashing, and they are really hardy.


Thinking of creating a piece of Hawaii in your backyard? If you’re able to grow Hawaii’s state flower where you live, then you’ll be spoilt for choice as there are many different kinds of Hibiscus. Examples are ‘White Wings’ and ‘Flamenco Flame.’

Another benefit of Hibiscus is when they are in full bloom, you’ll have lots of flowers to brighten up your home. You can pick them and arrange them in a case.

Get out in the garden and make your space look beautiful like one of these luxury resort pools!  Here are some garden tools to get.

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