10 Tips For Spring Gardening

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Spring is here, and this is the season to get out into the garden. The buds are blooming and the ground is thawing out. Here are 10 things to do in the garden for spring.

1-Make a list

Make a list of flowers and vegetables you would love to see in summer and start planting seeds now. Be creative and think about what would make your summer happy.


Get into the habit of fertilizing the plants and lawn regularly until they start growing again. Yes, I know this isn’t the most interesting task but it needs to be done. Here are some tips.


Prune all those plants that flowered in winter and early spring. Pruning can be quite therapeutic. Just try it and you’ll see why. If you don’t have a good pruner then it’s time to invest in one, along with other garden tools.

4-Plant herbs

Herbs are rather trendy these days and they offer lots of health benefits too.


Weed your garden and mulch those garden beds. Weeding and mulching are better than going to the gym! Great exercise.


Repot flowering plants, such as orchids and other summer flowering species.

7-Eradicate pests

Keep an eye out for pests on new growth, such as snails. Squash aphids and trap snails and slugs.

8-Potted plants

Check your pots and repot potted plants that are growing out of their pots or are root bound.

9-Divide and conquer

Split up clumping plants as they begin to grow,. Take a good look at the different areas in your garden, such as the front lawn, pool area and back yard.

10-Give love

Love and care for your spring annuals and bulbs. Your garden is an investment that will give you many happy hours if you put in the time, love and effort.

What are you waiting for? Get out and give your garden some love.

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